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8 – Edvard Munch

How pale You are in the moonlight and how dark

Your eyes – They are so large that they blot out

half the sky – I can barely make out your features –

yet I can glimpse Your white teeth when you smile


He laid his head against her breast – he could hear

her heartbeat – felt the blood coursing through her

veins – and he felt two burning lips on his neck – it

sent a shudder through his body – a shiver of

desire so that he clasped her tightly to him

Theys step down into the boat – she and he – I know

– I know that they are going to the island over

there – that bright, smiling island – with the green

meadows and the sheltered thickets – there they

will stroll, arm in arm – the air so soft – it must

be beautiful to love now –

Your face speaks of immeasurable tenderness –

Moonlight glides over it so full of earthly Beauty

and Pain. For it is now that Death joins Hands

with life to forge the chain that links the thousands

of Generations now dead and the thousands to


Your eyes are as large as half

the Sky as you stand close beside me and your

Hair is spangled With gold and your mouth

I cannot see – only your smile

She pulled him towards her – kissed him on the

neck and head – on the eyes – She huddled up to

him threw her naked white body over him –

squeezed him in a vicelike grip She had never

stayed so long with him – he begged her not to go

– he had never been so aroused – he wanted to be

able to embrace her again feel her kiss again …

A mysterious look of jealousy

In these two pearcing eyes are concentrated

as in crystal many reflections

The Look is questioning

interestedly full of hate and love

an essence of her

whom all of them share


The mystique of a whole Development

concentrated into one –

Woman in all her Variety

is for a Man a Mystery  –

Woman at once Saint – and Whore

and one unhappily devoted


Quando una poesia é ultimata ce n’é abbastanza per far piangere gli spiriti.



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Frase preferita in cui viene utilizzata la parola:

“o angelo nero disvelati

ma non uccidermi col tuo fulgore,

non dissipare la nebbia che ti aureola”

Da L’angelo nero di E. Montale